Sunz Of Man

Title : Sunz Of Man
Release Date : March 6, 2002
Format : CD

“Ghetto” (featuring 12 O’Clock)
“Banksta’z” (featuring RZA and 12 O’Clock)
“House of Blues” (featuring Madame D)
“RZA Skit”
“Saviorz Day” (featuring Ghostface Killah and Madame D)
“Black or White” (featuring Ancient Coins)
“The Trinity” (featuring Omar Conry)
“Dear Psalms” (Hell Razah solo; featuring Smooth)
“People Change” (featuring MC Eiht and Madame D)
“Honey Tree” (featuring 12 O’Clock)
“Doin’ Ya Thang” (featuring Makeba Mooncycle)
“Say, Say, Say” (featuring Ancient Coins)
“Industry Skit”
“All We Got (US)” (featuring La the Darkman and Madame D)
“The Cause (Outro)”